Wandering Knife Update: Novel Cover Art Reveal

Red Harvest Moon, the first novel in the Wandering Knife series, is almost completed!

After two years of writing, I’m ready to send my first full-length epic fantasy novel forth into the world.

I’ve been sitting on the cover art of this for a few months now, and am very excited to share it with you. It was created by Olivia Rea, who did such an amazing job on the cover of my novella Bane of Wolves.

The cover art features the main character of the series, Ren, at a sacred site called Mirrorhill. Ren is a masterless swordsman akin to a Japanese ronin. I drew a lot of inspiration for this novel from the films of Akira Kurosawa, and asked Olivia to try to infuse a dash of Sanjuro’s poise and menace into Ren’s figure. I think she’s succeeded brilliantly!

The first novel in the Wandering Knife series, Red Harvest Moon, will be available in early 2021.

If you haven’t already gotten your free copy of the prequel novella, you can get it instantly at this link.