Wandering Knife Update: The Good Idea Fairy

May already? Where has the year gone? I was supposed to have another novel published by now. The second in the Wandering Knife epic fantasy series. Currently the title for this novel is Book Two. This might give you an idea… Continue Reading

This Is Why You Hire An Artist Part Two

Another reminder to authors that artwork is best left to artists. If there was one skill that I would love to download into my brain, Matrix-style, it would be the ability to create digital art to use for my book… Continue Reading

Steve Talks About My Book And Stuff

Thanks to Steve for taking the time to review Red Harvest Moon on his booktube channel! I look forward to chatting with Steve and Raul from Raul Reads very soon.

The Early Reviews Are In

It’s impossible to know how people will receive your fiction. It took me almost three years to finish Red Harvest Moon, and all I could really do as I was writing was hope that when it was published it would… Continue Reading

Announcing the release date for ‘Red Harvest Moon’

Red Harvest Moon will be launched on the 19th of March, 2021. This is the novel I’ve always wanted to write. A novel is a synthesis of an author’s influences and their own creativity. I’ve always been a fan of… Continue Reading

Wandering Knife Update: Novel Cover Art Reveal

Red Harvest Moon, the first novel in the Wandering Knife series, is almost completed! After two years of writing, I’m ready to send my first full-length epic fantasy novel forth into the world. I’ve been sitting on the cover art… Continue Reading

Wandering Knife Update: This Is Why You Hire An Artist Part One

For any writer out there wondering whether or not to hire an artist for their cover design, I present exhibits A and B. This is my sketch of the cover of Bane of Wolves side by side with the final artwork,… Continue Reading

Researching Violence: Joe Abercrombie answers my question

I find it curious that peaceful people such as myself, who view violence as something that humans should evolve beyond as soon as possible, still love to read books and watch films that drip with the stuff. If I ever… Continue Reading

Wandering Knife Update: Cover Art Reveal

Here is the artwork for the cover of my fantasy novella Bane of Wolves! I revealed in my last update that I often fall victim to the planning fallacy. Things always seem to take longer than I think they will. The Wandering… Continue Reading

Writing a Fantasy Series: How Far Ahead Should You Plot?

There’s a lot of fun to be had writing a big long fat fantasy series. After all, you’re the creator of an entire world, a world with endless possibilities. At the outset, these possibilities are liberating. Anything can happen. And the… Continue Reading