The Nevermaw

About the Book

The academic Dirk Ogelvy has stumbled upon a vast secret. Concealed in the spaces between the words of forgotten books, hiding in the shadows of a dead religion, a monster rules.

The Nevermaw.

The eternal force of nature that devours wrong possibility and ensures that there is only one history, one world.

But can the hidden myth of the Nevermaw be believed? Ogelvy takes Filomena, a favourite student, into his confidence before revealing his work to the public. Her lukewarm response makes him think twice about his actions.

Ogelvy needs to decide what he believes, and choose wisely. Because his choice may come back to bite him.

“The Nevermaw”, a short story in the tradition of Jorge Luis Borges and H.P. Lovecraft, is a reality-bending trip into alternate worlds.

Every decision comes with a consequence. Which to choose? Never mind… the Nevermaw will decide. Good stuff. – Tangent Magazine

Genre: Weird
Tag: weird fiction
Publisher: Shuriken Press
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