Announcing the release date for ‘Red Harvest Moon’

Red Harvest Moon will be launched on the 19th of March, 2021.

This is the novel I’ve always wanted to write.

A novel is a synthesis of an author’s influences and their own creativity. I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, myth and folklore, animation and cinema.  But the two greatest sources of inspiration for Red Harvest Moon have been classic epic fantasy, and the tradition of Japanese samurai films.

My dad read The Hobbit to my brother, sister and I when we were in primary school. I’ll never forget hearing ‘Riddles In The Dark’ for the first time. My brother and sister enjoyed the story. But for me, experiencing The Hobbit was a life-changing event. The idea of becoming a writer took hold.

A few years later I discovered Kurosawa. In the samurai films of the Japanese master I discovered the fatalistic romance of the wandering swordsman. The archetype of the masterless ronin holds great appeal for me. I’m not sure why. They’re just so cool. These characters live by an enigmatic code, but are usually ready to defend the little guy with the flash of a katana.

In Japanese, the word ‘samurai’ roughly means ‘one who serves’. And the word ‘ronin’ means ‘vagrant’ or ‘wandering man’. I took inspiration from these translations. Ren, the protagonist of Red Harvest Moon, is an exile from his native land with no fixed purpose. He’s been ousted from the order of the Loyal Knives, and has become a Wandering Knife.

The elevator pitch for Red Harvest Moon is that it’s The Seven Samurai, but with monsters. I’ve tried to create a novel that’s fast and sharp, that will hit the right notes with fans of traditional fantasy. I hope I’ve succeeded.

The prequel novella to the Wandering Knife series, Bane of Wolves, is the start of the journey. You can get it for free at this link.