Announcement: The Wandering Knife

Over the last year or so I’ve been blogging less regularly.

When I created this website I envisioned it as being a place to record my thoughts about fantasy and science fiction, hence the tagline ‘Speculations about speculative fiction’. I have really enjoyed writing these articles, but I’m going to shift my focus away from producing this kind of thing.

When I was writing and releasing my first novel, 1001 Monsters You Must Slay Before You Die, my blog posts matched what I was writing. Light and fun, and ranging across a loose variety of topics.

I haven’t been blogging much, and since my novel was released I’ve only had one short story published, The Egg and the Cat, in Aurealis #111. However, I’ve probably been more productive over the last eighteen months than I have at any other time. But what have I been doing?

Since childhood I’ve had a love of epic fantasy, and have always wanted to write a chunky fantasy series in a secondary world setting. Since the start of 2018 I’ve been working on just that, an epic fantasy series, entitled The Wandering Knife. I’m getting close to being able to release book one, Red Harvest Moon, in early 2020.

If you’ve been following my blog you will have no doubt noticed that I love the writing of Tolkien. So yes, my series will be influenced by the master. But I’ll also be drawing on a lifetime of other influences: Lovecraft, Borges, Peake, Kurosawa, Miyazaki. All good stuff. Everything I’ve ever read or watched has led me to this point, where I feel ready to write something big.

I’ve invested a lot of my time and energy, a lot of myself in this series. I really want people to know it’s coming ahead of time. So to that end, the focus of this website and this blog is changing. I’m going to be using this website as a platform to let people know about the Wandering Knife series. I’ll be talking about my progress, as well as looking at the creative process behind the series.

I hope that if you are a fan of my writing to date you will be interested in this new series. And keep an eye out for a prequel novella coming late in 2019 which will be exclusively available from this website!