Am I Still Running In SPFBO7?

The seventh edition of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off is under way. This is a contest for indie published fantasy novels that are the first in a series or are stand-alones.

300 novels have been entered in this contest that will run for almost a year. Ten different blogs and booktubers are the judges, and a winner won’t be chosen until about March 2022. However, a field of 10 finalists will soon be chosen, to be paraded around the internet like the lucky contestants in some weird reality TV show.

My novel, Red Harvest Moon, is entered in the competition. To be entered into SPFBO is to feel a bit like being in the running of the bulls. It’s thrilling, it’s terrifying, and there’s a fair chance you’ll get trampled early on.

I’m really not expecting to win. While I’m not in the ‘Before We Go Blog’ category, (aka the Group of Death), I can see there’s some books in my category that are strong performers. To be picked as a semi-finalist would be awesome, and to make it to the final ten would be a dream come true. But as I say, at any moment I could be trampled by the rampaging bulls that are the judges. (Just kidding. These people are doing an amazing job reading and reviewing all of these books!)

But who will make the cut? And who will take home the coveted selfie stick? (That’s the prize, by the way.)

Previous finalist Zak Argyle has created a handy web page where you can check out the entrants and their status in the competition. Last time I checked, I was still running…