Best Rock Songs Inspired By Speculative Fiction Part One: ‘To Tame A Land’

Before I grew up, acquired taste and began listening solely to modal jazz recorded between 1961 and 1965, I was something of a metal head. And one of the first bands that won my teenage allegiance was the mighty Iron… Continue Reading

If The Earth Were A Person How Old Would It Be?


Whenever I’m feeling worn down by the nitty-gritty minutiae of modern life, I console myself with one little fact. A fact that is remarkably powerful when it comes to clearing my head and giving me the fresh perspective I need to… Continue Reading

Spare Me Your Bullshit Star Wars Theory

It all seems so obvious now.

“What’s up Youtube? I’m Zac from JediGeek and today I’m gonna be looking at ten reasons why Obi Wan Kenobi was totally hot for Anakin Skywalker.” Surf to Youtube lately and it’s impossible not to catch a screen full of babbling twerps… Continue Reading